Strong Predictor

According to the World Health Organization’s World Heath Statistics 2013, “Literacy is a stronger predictor of individual’s health status than income, employment status, education level and racial or ethnic group.”

“… best thing I’ve seen … “

“I saw it last night on Comcast as I missed the PBS broadcast. It’s the best thing I’ve seen about books and the digital age.”

Bruce Joshua Miller, editor

Curiosity’s Cats: Writers on Research

Pew Research Center on American Teenagers

One out of four American thirteen to seventeen year-olds is on line nearly constantly, four out of five are on line at least several times a day.

Clary Shirky Banned Laptops

“…I’m a pretty unlikely candidate for internet censor, but I have just asked the students in my fall seminar to refrain from using laptops, tablets, and phones in class… … Multi-taskers often think they are like gym rats, bulking up their ability to juggle tasks, when in fact they are like alcoholics, degrading their abilities through over-consumption…”
Why Clay Shirky Banned Laptops, Tablets and Phones from His ClassroomMediashift, September 15, 2014

Tal Gross, Colombia U

“…enormous, world-changing benefits of computers have to be weighed against the costs. We are becoming a distracted nation, constantly alt-tabbing to our e-mail and peeking at our phones. We should not be so quick to throw out our pens and pencils.This year, I resolve to ban laptops from my classroom, The Washington Post, December 30, 2014